In the heart of Amalfi, a few steps from the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea, you will find our home restaurant “Il Tarì” in the alleys of the center. We offer a creative and innovative cuisine, thanks to the guidance of chef Dino Russo and with the collaboration of the Maître and Sommelier Elena Bellano.

We want to guide you through a special food and wine journey, discovering dishes made with ingredients from all over the world, that combine traditional tastes and flavors never explored.


The taste of Italy

Chef Dino Russo

All the innovation taste

The love for gastronomy of Chef Dino Russo comes from afar. Directly from his mother, who ingrained in him the passion for a simple cuisine and of great creativity at the same time. 

In his dishes there is the tale of the bond with his land, the search for the highest quality, the inspiration of innovation that is his distinctive mark.

Dino Russo


Popular Dishes


Fish Soup

served on Cherry Tomato emulsion and Black Garlic scent, with Parsley sauce and peel of Lemon from Amalfi Coast

€ 28

Red with clouds

Quenelle of buffalo ricotta cheese with hints of lemon of the Amalfi Coast and caramelized cane sugar with white sesame seeds, served on raspberry gelée

€ 8


Tasting Menu

Flavours of the Sea

Grilled Octups
with Cherry Tomato cooked at low temperature, Buffalo Stracciatella Cheese,
Lemon Zest and Potato Cream flavored Truffle


Spaghettone pasta from Gragnano with Anchovies
and Achovies sauce, Garlic, Oil, Chilly Peppers and Lemon Peel

Amberjack steak, with its Emulsion, Green Asparagus and Lime

Crème Brûlée with Pistacius from BronteAlmond Tartlet stuffed with
Lemon Ricotta Mousse and Berries

p.p. € 50

(drinks and cover charge not included )


The tradition

Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese,
with Cherry Tomato cooked at low temperature, Black Olives powder, Basil Leaves, served on Yellow Cherry Tomato

Rigatone pasta from Gragnano with three Cherry Tomatoes
and Provolone del Monaco cheese

Medallion of Fillet browned in Butter with Foie Gras escalope,
served on Aubergine cream and Provolone del Monaco fondue

Cheese Cake al Mango, servita con Biscotto Brèton

p.p. € 50

(cover charge and drink not included)



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    Via P. Capuano, 9/11
    84011 AMALFI SA

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    12am - 3pm
    6:30pm - 11pm
    Closed on Tuesday

    Sito di proprietà di Ristorante Tarì S.r.l. | Sede Legale: Via P.Capuano, 9/11 – 84011 Amalfi (SA) | P.I.: IT00539150656 | Cap. Soc: € 30.000,00 i.v. | TUTTI I DIRITTI RISERVATI